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Creation Kennels

Welcome To Creation Kennels.


Clemmons Red Ripper

We are a kennel located in Houston Texas. We have been dealing with the breed of the American Pit Bull Terrier for many years.

In our years of expierence we have learned that the American pit is the most loyal, commited companion that a man could have.

Our mission here at Creation Kennels is to breed the top of the line dogs.

We will specialize in producing dogs that will exceed in Show, Guard , Hunting, and protection. As of now we are using mainly Eli, Boudreaux , and Clemmons' bred dogs. In the near future we hope to institute in our program such lines as Jeep, Red Boy, Jocko, Yellow John, Bolio, and Patricks

We hope you enjoy your visit to our site . Always remeber to love the dog and the dog will always love you.

Creation Kennels dogs are not bred,sold,or intended for any illegal purposes.So please dont not call us if you intend to purchase a dog for illegal purposes. Are mission is to make sure this incredible line of dogs are placed in the right hands and will be able to live in this wonderful world with the same rights as we have.
We do not in anyway condone to animal cruelty or illegal activities.This website does not condone,nor intends to violate the 1976 Animal Welfare Act.


Jerry Clemmons & Kris from Creation Kennels


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